Kyle Phillips

Heyo, I’m Kyle, nice to meet you! First off, it’s great to be a part of an awesome family here at Big Dog 103.5, I can’t wait to see what awesome things spring from a great community. A little background about me is that I was an Intern in Radio for Sooo many years, even during High School. I worked my butt off so much that when I was offered a summer job; I knew this is where I wanted to be. And now here I am!
I am big into TV Shows, my personal favorite will always be Pretty Little Liars (Don’t judge) Supernatural, Hannibal, The 100 etc! I also enjoy playing lots of video games! Majority of my days are spent sitting at home playing games in my boxers and eating big bags of Doritos. Oh, also I have a cat named Bella. She’s very sassy.  
That’s all I can think of, be sure to tune in Monday – Friday from 10a – 2p to catch what we’re talking about. If you have any questions, you can email me at:
Twitter: @KyleIsOnAir

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